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How safe is Cuba?

It’s very safe. Be smart obviously, but one of the best surprises in Havana is just how safe the city is. Even once you’re a good bit away from the tourist center, it feels incredibly safe. I have walked around late at night quite a bit and never had a single issue or felt at all uncomfortable.  Though Cuba is generally a very safe place to travel (more than other parts of the world), it is always best to watch your belongings and beware of pickpockets and purse-snatchers. We recommend leaving your valuables, including passport*, in a safe and only carry what you need for that day.  Having a TSA-approved lock for your luggage is also recommendable.

You may see some kids or older adults begging on the streets, sometimes asking for soap, pens, etc.  This is not considered to be dangerous.

*Note: You do not need to carry your passport everywhere with you; a copy of the passport should suffice for ID purposes. You will however need your passport for exchanging of currency.

The most important thing to remember to do while you’re in Cuba is to have fun.

Cuba is not a dangerous country, as many people think. Crime rates are not high.  Providing you use your common sense and behave with respect for the local culture, you’ll have the best time in Cuba.


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