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ROOTS: La Cuba de mi Bisabuelo

Universally Accessible Art

Abigail has been focusing on a series of mixed-media works on panel inspired by the artist’s Cuban heritage.  The brightly colored, textural paintings are abstracted representations of the landscapes and vistas Gomez discovered during recent trips to the Cuban cities where her great-grandfather lived.  The title of her current series is ROOTS: La Cuba de mi Bisabuelo.  She has always been fascinated by her cultural heritage, and wants to share her experiences from the land of her great-grandfather through universally accessible artwork.  


Click here to learn more about ROOTS: La Cuba de mi Bisabuelo.


Using a masking method and medium, Gomez has created a dimensional effect on the panels. This establishes a structural starting point for the compositions, and creates underlying unity. The following layers are created with acrylics, mediums, imagery and found objects from Cuba. 

The goal with this collection of artwork is to present paintings that are universally accessible, even to those people who don't usually engage with visual art in the traditional sense (visually impaired/ blind). By using a dimensional layer replicating ironwork found in Cuba (rejas), Gomez saw the opportunity to offer every person a chance to experience their own impressions of Cuba, whether through sight or touch. 


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