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Requirements for Travel

What documents do I need to travel to Cuba?


For U.S. and non-Cuban foreign residents:
  • A passport that's valid for the entire length of stay

  • OFAC License Affidavit (provided by JetBlue)

  • Customs Form (completed on the flight from the U.S. to Cuba)

  • Health insurance: The Cuban government requires all visitors to have health insurance that covers the territory of Cuba; for U.S. citizens, this means local Cuban health insurance. When purchasing your JetBlue ticket to Cuba, Cuban health insurance provided by ESICUBA and administered by Asistur is automatically included in the cost of your fare. Terms and conditions of the health insurance can be accessed from the ESICUBA website (English version) Cuban health insurance provided by ESICUBA is valid for only 30 calendar days from the date of entry into Cuba. If you are staying longer in Cuba, you must purchase additional insurance to cover that period. Although JetBlue is facilitating the purchase of this required Cuban health insurance, JetBlue bears no liability and all matters regarding the insurance policy's terms and limits, and health care in Cuba, are solely between the customer and ESICUBA. .

Plus one of the following visas (unless you hold a passport from a country that has a visa waiver agreement with Cuba):

  • A Cuban tourist visa, which is sufficient for only certain categories of OFAC-permitted travel, can be purchased from JetBlue at a "gateway airport" (the final airport before departing the U.S.) for $50 per person. Customers will need their passports, boarding passes and a major credit card to buy the Cuban tourist visa. U.S. citizens and citizens from third countries traveling to Cuba from a U.S. gateway airport who qualify for a Cuban tourist visa must have the pink tourist visa issued in the United States (that visa can be purchased from JetBlue). Green tourist visas issued in third countries are not valid to enter Cuba from a U.S. gateway.


  • Other visa types including business, journalism and other special visas (but not tourist visas) are issued at the Cuban Consulate in Washington, DC, and must be obtained prior to travel.

Any other requirements I should be aware of? Tips?

Keep your day-to-day activity itinerary on file for at least five years to avoid any issues with US Government upon your return to the U.S.

Keep a copy of your passport as a form of ID and leave your actual passport in a safety box where you are staying– you will only need it in Cuba if you need to exchange money.

Bring enough cash to last the entire trip.  U.S. issued credit cards and ATM cards do not work in Cuba. 

Is there a departure tax on my return flight back to the U.S?

There is a Cuba departure tax but it is INCLUDED in the ticket price when purchased before you travel to Cuba.

Additional Visa Tips

Visa is only valid for 30 days.  Hold on to the second half-of your visa (Cuban customs will keep the other part) as you will be asked for it before departure from Cuba.

Can I use my Global Entry benefits with my Cuba flight?

Yes, global entry may be utilized at all international terminals regardless of what country the traveller is coming from in Miami (Please note this doesn’t apply to airports in Cuba).

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