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Electronics and Internet

Is there Internet access in Cuba?


Yes, but... You’ll need wifi cards to use the Internet. Wifi in Cuba is government restricted, but that’s not quite as bad as it sounds. You’ll simply need to buy a wifi card and find a hotspot to get connected. Ideally, you’d buy them from an official Etecsa center–that’s the government-run telecommunications provider. But you’ll also find them for sale at most hotels or from people in the street.  On our trip, I will provide each participant with a complimentary one-hour wifi card to use while we're in Cuba.  Most hotels seem to have routers, too, which is where you’ll need to connect.

Internet and WIFI access in Cuba is much slower than in the U.S., and it’s not always as reliable as we’re accustomed to at home.  

Will my cell phone, smart phone or PDA device work in Cuba?

Generally, your U.S. cell phone, texting and smart phone-based Internet will not work in Cuba.

Turn cell data off immediately. Lots of people have reported getting overcharged by their cell phone company while in Cuba. Even if you have an international plan, you might want to make sure that Cuba is included (it probably isn’t). Your best bet is likely to leave your phone in airplane mode so you won’t get into trouble and incur fees.

Also, please note that satellite phones as well as the physical GPS devices are not allowed in Cuba. This restriction doesn’t apply to the GPS on your cell phones as they won’t work while in Cuba.

What is the electric capability in Cuba?


The most common voltage in Cuba is 110, although some rooms have 220 volts.  I recommend a multi-adaptor that can accommodate circular prongs, with both 110 and 220 voltage.  (These are available at most electronic stores).  




What about cameras? 


You may bring any camera, however some museums may charge a minimal fee for taking pictures.

Professional video equipment is not permitted.  

Print out any travel documents before you leave for Cuba


Tech is really hard to come by during travel in Cuba.  If you need any travel documents while you’re in Cuba or for your next destination, print them before flying to Havana.

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